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9 years of experience

About Elwyn Scott

I have a love for helping others and work closely with my clients to help them achieve their fat loss, fitness and health goals. I go to my clients' houses and do all the training there, making the sessions as convenient as possible. For those who don’t have that extra hour to travel to and from the gym or simply don’t feel comfortable in gyms, this works really well. I now offer online training for clients who want to train anywhere, anytime! So... whatever your circumstances or goals, there is a way to train that will suit you.

Mountain Biking

Level 2 Fitness Instructing – Gym Based Exercises (UK)
Level 3 Personal Training Certificate (UK)

What our clients say about us 


Having absolutely no motivation of my own I knew I'd need someone to help me out on my plan to lose weight and tone up. I didn't have a lot of weight to lose but toning up was my real issue. Knowing I was training with Elwyn every week made me stick to our training plan as I felt I'd not only be letting myself down if I didn't, but him also. His training has been fun, varied and at times hard but always enjoyable! *I lost 8% body fat and was looking the best I ever have for my 30th birthday in Ibiza. Since then I've continued to train to slim down for my wedding and am currently 8 months pregnant and still training, although obviously we have changed the intensity! Cannot wait to get back to 'proper' training after I've had the baby as I know how quickly I can get results with Elwyn's help.” Ceri 


Elwyn has been a lifeline for me this year after I gained lots of weight during my pregnancy.  *I have now lost 34 pounds as a result of our training as well as Elwyn’s guidance in the food department–  He is easy-going and friendly, but no nonsense at the same time.  Elwyn plans challenging workouts that leave you aching but determined and I’m grateful for what he’s encouraged me to achieve.” S. Patel, Tonbridge 

Elwyn has allowed me not only to improve my fitness levels, but to add another dimension to my work-outs. Although I always come out of each session suitably exhausted, he ensures that everything we do is specifically suited to my personal fitness goals and abilities. Despite the challenging nature of the workouts, I always feel relaxed and come out afterwards having had a thoroughly good time, not just a good run or workout.” – Tom H, Tunbridge Wells


"Elwyn really whipped me into shape. I follow up with him once a week a 1 to 1 in person session and I tracked the rest of my workouts online."


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*Disclaimer results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results cannot be guaranteed.